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Using the CIMB Niaga Call Center to Avoid Misinformation

Information on banking  should be reconfirmed using the CIMB Niaga call center. Nowadays, various modes of fraud are not uncommon and usually concern large banks. Therefore, as a wise consumer, you must confirm every piece of information.

Bank CIMB niaga has provided customer service features that are accessible to everyone from candidates to customers. So you can find the right sources of information about banking by contacting the channel. Currently, not only traditional channels are used, but also digital platforms.

Therefore,  for those of you who use smartphones, it will be easier to access the right banking information. Don’t worry, all the information is public and accessible. Become a smart internet user by filtering information by dose.

Bank CIMB Niaga prepares traditional channels such as mobile channels for banking information seekers. Not only that, but the bank also has  three social  media that you can access at any time  . Thus, it will be easier to communicate with the bank without the need to come to the branch.

CIMB Niaga Call Center Phone Numbers You Need to Know

Customers and non-customers who wish to find information or make a complaint can contact us directly at 14041. You can reach  the phone number  via traditional or mobile phone lines. Thus it will be easier for you mobile phone users.

Knowing this number, customers do not have to worry about finding accurate information about the banking world.  You  should know the number in case something undesirable happens. You can solve various mild cases using only the phone line .

The CIMB Niaga call center can be contacted 24 hours a day on weekdays or holidays. Therefore,  if you find a problem or complaint, report it immediately to the interested party so that it can be processed immediately. This will definitely contribute to  your comfort as a  customer.

For communication costs, it  varies depending on the operator of the communication service provider you use. That way, if your mobile operator has certain promotions, you can make free calls. Bank CIMB Niaga would never drop the savings balance to make that call.

Some customers with minimal knowledge may have heard that balances can be deducted when making customer service calls. This, of course, is not true, because so far the cost of the phone depends on the telecommunications operator, and the bank will not cut the balance.

It can also be used as an example of incorrect banking information. As a smart customer, of course, you can confirm directly with the bank. This guarantees  that any information  you receive is accurate and not harmful.

How to Contact CIMB Business Call Center from Abroad?

Bank CIMB Niaga has created a special number that customers can contact when they are not in the country. Thus, when there is a problem in banking, customers can prepare a report immediately as soon as possible. Use the official number +62-212-997-8888 provided by CIMB Niaga bank.

The issue of call center fees that CIMB Niaga  receives from abroad  still depends on the tariff of the telecommunications provider used. Therefore, it will vary between one provider and another when used to communicate. Customers can contact the center whenever and wherever they are.

Using this complaint service from abroad, you can report suspicious actions if they occur. So you do not need to come to the branch, just by contacting the relevant bank officer through the number you will be administered.

Indeed, it will be very difficult if there is a discrepancy in the bank account  , but  you are not in the country. Therefore, the CIMB Niaga bank provides a complaint tool about the CIMB Niaga call centers abroad. The transaction is also quite short because you only need to submit your identity and proof of transaction.

Later, if the problem is too complicated, you will be directed to use email to make it easier to attach supporting documents. In this way, various crimes can be prevented without difficulty. Just call the consumer’s call and the problem will be addressed immediately.

Reporting Bank Customer Complaints Using E-mail

The use of email to report customer complaints often relates to highly complex actions such as cases of card creation and bank account misconduct.  As a customer, you  certainly don’t want your account  to be misused by irresponsible parties without your knowledge.

Therefore,  when you suspect that someone is abusing a banking account, report it  immediately using the CIMB Niaga call center platform. The officer will promptly respond  to  your report and take measures to ensure that nothing is financially damaging to the customer.

Simply attach your ID card, proof of transaction, relevant documents and the problem that occurred. Then the bank will check, if there is really a discrepancy, it will be addressed immediately. This process also does not take long because there is already help from VIOLA.

State-of-the-art technology can make it easier for customers to report complaints and find the latest information about the banking world. This artificial intelligence technology is still being developed to increase the effectiveness and potential of its use.

Later, customers will be faster to process complaints without worrying about bottlenecks even if the server is busy. In addition to using VIOLA, CIMB Niaga bank will also maximize the use of social media so that customers can easily get valid information.

Bank CIMB Reaches Customers Using Social Media

The increasingly crowded use of social media in Indonesia makes CIMB Niaga feel compelled to have it. To facilitate access to information and facilitate communication with the public, social media accounts are  seen as well suited to complement the CIMB Niaga call center feature, which is a traditional route.

Indeed, certain complaints cannot be made using social media. But at least the public can get more valid information directly from the banking side. To avoid the problem of dark information that is currently circulating more and more often.

Bank CIMB Niaga has three social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These three accounts can be used by the public to get to know the banking world better. Valid information can be found on all three social media platforms.

If you encounter field technical errors, this platform can also be used as the initial reporting tool. With this initial report, the bank can take immediate action so that people’s banking activities are not blocked for too long.

Nowadays, the use of social media platforms makes it even easier to find banking information.   There is nothing wrong if you follow the three official social media accounts of CIMB Niaga bank, so that later the latest and most accurate information can be retrieved directly to your smartphone.

The use of these social media platforms aims to bring the banking world closer to the wider community. Since social media is a widely used tool at the moment, it will be easier to embrace the public using this platform.

As a large and professional bank, of course, the convenience and safety of consumers is a top priority. Thus, you do not hesitate to take advantage of the features provided by the bank. If you have complaints about banking, please  contact  the CIMB Niaga call center immediately  .

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