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Contact Call Center 3 the easy way

Call center 3 is often used by some users of network provider 3. Who is not familiar with the cellular telecommunications network 3 or Tri that is currently widely used by the people of Indonesia. Tri offers a variety of good quality services with an affordable price tag.


Who would have thought that Tri turned out to be used for nine cellular telecommunications networks in Asia, Australia and Europe. CK Hutchison Holdings is a shareholder of the provider. The entire network with Tri appears to have provided 4G technology to give importance to mobile multimedia services.


The Tri network can indeed offer a very affordable price tag for the purchase of data packages. Various services and facilities are offered by Tri to users so that they feel more comfortable and can easily communicate with their closest people.


Still, it may be that one of the Tri users was very much in need of help to overcome some of the problems.  To resolve this issue, use the call center provided by this one operator.


Understand the right time to contact Call Center 3


When is the right time to contact call center 3? Perhaps this question often comes up in the minds of your service 3 users. This is actually quite reasonable because you still do not understand the different types of facilities that are available.


So if you have a problem with the telephone network or if there is a problem related to the provider 3 card, you can contact the call center directly. The call center helps you provide solutions so you can handle them quickly. This convenience will of course be accepted with lightness for users because it is very useful.


Almost most Users of Tri providers prefer to use the call center to complain about different types of complaints. Since there are quite a lot of users of this provider in Indonesia, there may be queues, which makes the service take longer.  However, you don’t have to worry, as there are many ways you can do this.


If you only focus on the call center, it will take up a lot of your time. We will provide an overview of how to contact the call center and various other ways to contact customer service to provide solutions to the issues you  are facing.


Contact Call Center 3 op 123 directly


As mentioned earlier, there are many customers who try to contact call center 3 , resulting in an accumulation of queues for customer wait times.


There’s no denying that contacting the call center or call center at the Tri provider is much faster responsive and saves credit. But there are also several other ways you can  use if it turns out that contacting the call center makes the duration longer.


Before we know any other ways, we will provide information to contact the Tri provider’s call center.  So you can contact the call center on 123. You don’t have to worry, calling will cost you 300 rupiah for one call.


Really affordable, right? In addition to using this number, it appears that you can also call this number “0896-44000-123”. Of course, each operator will be charged according to the rate.


The call center can only be reached at 123 and is specific to provider 3 users. As for the above phone number, it can be contacted for other operators and connected directly to customer service. Of course, the cost will be much more expensive later on.


By contacting the call center, it will of course be easier for you to give complaints about the service of the provider. Actually, it does not only respond to some complaints because the customer service will also provide information about other facilities and services. This will certainly provide its own benefits for users of tri providers.


Use social media to connect call center 3


In addition to the use of call center 3 , it appears that all users of this provider can also deliver messages via social media. Actually, this provider on social media is also in the hands of customer service, so that it can respond to different types of complaints. Most of the time, using social media can’t get answers quickly.


Any social medium can also provide information and respond to complaints. For example, you can contact Twitter 3 at @triindonesia with a feature to resolve user complaints and a wide range of product and promotional information.


Facebook 3 can be contacted at “3 Indonesia” this social media serves to respond to various types of complaints from users and also provide information about products and promos.


Furthermore, instagram is on @triindoneia Can help to respond to complaints and provide different types of information, but can contact us later via DM or direct message. Usually if you contact us via Instagram it will be forwarded to another 3 customer service.


Meanwhile, Tri Indonesia will not serve different types of complaints on YouTube. For YouTube, therefore, no complaints service is offered because it is only used as promotional information, explanations about various products and events that have been left by this provider.


You can follow all social media tri (3) if you want complete information and various solutions if you get problems with your network card 3.


Contact Call Center 3 Via Live Chat


Furthermore, you can  also contact the live chat customer service 3 to get answers faster. How can it be used? Very simple, you can follow the following steps.


  1. In addition to contacting the call center 3 , it turns out that you can rely on the website of tri. Go to
  2. If you have successfully entered the website page, you will see  the chat icon in the bottom left corner.
  3. Fill in all the necessary information and send it immediately
  4. Try to wait a while so that you can connect and be answered by customer service 3.


Indeed, live chat will provide a faster response compared to others. It can even be said that Tri’s live chat customer service will give a response of just a few minutes. So you can file different types of complaints about the use of network 3.


But unfortunately, there aren’t many tri-users who use live chat because they don’t know. They prefer to call phone center phones directly, even though it may be a longer process. If you are in the urgency and want to get an immediate response from the tri (3) side, you should immediately contact the live chat.


If all options have been tried, starting with the call center, via social media, email and live chat, but there is no response, then you can try to get directly to outlet 3. Indeed, not all areas are available, just try to check if your region is one of them.


The use of network 3 that can be said to be affordable is indeed delicious. But if problems arise, it’s best to report them immediately and get a solution.  Don’t  let your comfort be disturbed. Make good use of the presence of call center 3 that offers the best service.

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