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All Samsung Service Center Jakarta Address decides

Its products in large companies, solid Samsung service center Jakarta survival can also be decisive. Its practitioners have been exhausted in Indonesia City, all in Tuyi. Customers can ask for it at some point.

The repair center can be used for those who want to repair their damaged mobile phone. Not only mobile phones are also available for Samsung repairs, such as refrigerators, fans, TVs, DVDs, projectors of the same company as things.

However, the Jakarta Tri-Star Service Center stops offering mobile phone repair services. But Jun had nothing to worry about, and the Samsung repair center was finished. This makes it easier for customers to visit one of their needs.

Although electronic products are easy to obtain, people like official existence. Ordinary soldiers often do not know the details of electronic products. Even so, it is easy to fake and harmful.

The existence of this Samsung Jakarta service center can be selected also. Customers who want to repair, electronic products have warranty, can also warranty claims also. As a result of this claim, no payment was made. Ming dang makes the king save.

The fullest address of the Samsung Service Center in Jakarta

I don’t want to give up the three-star product as bad, I am afraid that the king will repair it, and its bad will also be?  JAngan’s suffering customer had to go to the Samsung Jakarta Service Center for one of them to serve. There is no harm in repairing.

  1. PGC Sirilitan, East Jakarta

The first repair center is located in PGC cililitan-Jakarta Timu at Jalan Mayjen Sutoyo No. 76 Cililitan-Jakarta 13640. Customers who wish to call the center should call the 0800 1128888 number for free

  1. ITC Senpakamas, Central Jakarta

Its customers live in Central Jakarta, Samsung Service Center Jakarta or One Choice also. Where: ITC cempaka mas Mega Grosir 4th Block D No 245, just Jalan Jenderal Soeprapto-Jakarta 10640.

  1. Ambassador of South Jakarta Shopping Center

Samsung Product Repair Center is located at 3-5 Ambassador Mall, Level 2, appropriately Jalan Professor Dr. Satrio Jakatra Selatan 12940

  1. Rockwest Central Hotel Jakarta

In addition to the ITC Cempaka Masa Service Center in downtown Jakarta, Roxy Central Jakarta Jakarta was also selected. For mobile phone repairers, come to ITC Roxy Mas 1, 4th Floor, 12-16, 125 Jakarta, KH Hasyim Ashari Street, 10150

  1. ITC Fatmawati

Its service center is located at ITC Fatmawati Jaksesl Ruko No 17, precisely at Jalan.RS Fatmawati No 39-12150.  You can go for more details

Address him Service Center di Jakarta

In addition to the Samsung Service Center Jakarta schedule, it turns out that there are other repair center options under the table. This is not unreasonable, Jakarta this Samsung production of users multi-city also. The following is his address.

  1. Kandet Jaktim

For mobile phone repairs and Samsung Jaktim residents, go to the appropriate Kramat Jati district in Jalan Raya Condet Number 333-HBerada in Ruko No. 8 Belekambang Village

  1. Mango Two Square

It is also available in Jakut for Samsung users, including Jalan Gunung Sahari Mangga 2 Square Blok B Shopping Mall 7-8 North Jakarta.

  1. Santre

Non-Mangga Dua Square, Green Lake Sunter Shophouse Blok M-TBS  Samsung Service Center Jakarta.

  1. Pacific Place

Pacifik Place at Jaksel’s repair centre and Lot 11 at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kavling 52-53.

  1. Damogot

Subju Cali Deres? This three-star repair center can be found in Wangshan. Jing in Ruko Imperial Block C12-15, Jalan Daan Mogot Raya Kalideres-West Jakarta.

  1. Pruitt Village Shopping Centre

Pluit Village Mall for repair centers, if Samsung Service Center, can be accessed to Pluit  Village Mall L3-32 Jalan Pluit Indah Raya-JAKUT

This Samsung-made repair center is also the choice of Tuyi. If in doubt, call the number 0 800 1128888 toll-free. Helping customers with more information. .

Everything on your smartphone

What is the location of the Samsung Service Center in Jakarta?  Samsung’s smartphone users, repair centers in the foot of the most happy smartphone on various types, the following also

  1. The phone reboots and reloads frequently

Reboot Dongcheng good mobile sex also. Wakako’s mobile phone often restarts itself? Obviously, this is a question, is it also true?

  1. Phone screen dead pixels

The repair center can solve the problem, the mobile phone screen has a dead copy. In this case, the mobile phone is often unusable, although the battery is fully charged without showing its life

  1. Battery charges

Fei Zhi’s battery is really a person, especially the mobile phone, but what? However, if you are not in trouble and come to the service center, everything can be decided. In this way, the public question can be established.

He is often on the smartphone

In addition, smartphones meet others also. The following frequently asked questions for smartphones.

  1. Slow calls

The phone is slow, so the owner is frustrated too. It turns out that slow phones can also be found in various types of mobile phones. Samsung is no exception. HP slows down, so it is.

  1. There is no reason to open the camera

Although it is very strange, it cannot be turned on, and it often sleeps Samsung users. In addition, if it is opened, there is a failure of the police camera. If there is no way to respond, the military will choose.

  1. The power and volume buttons should do so

Often sleepy Samsung users whose one power volume button can not respond also. Although it is very strange, it is obvious that the reliability of mobile phones is reduced. Whoever is this, the king must cultivate it

Jun has any miscellaneous electronic products, not for profit and loss. Junzi Samsung electronic products. Don’t worry! When it was decided, visit the Samsung Service Center in Jakarta




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